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A drill is an indispensable electric handheld device in a modern tool box. Nowadays, every household has a small drill in order that they can repair and fix household appliances anytime at home. A lot of families find out the most suitable drill through drill press reviews on websites and indeed, they feel very satisfied with the drill they choose. In this article, we will give you some basic benefits of a drill press.


The drill press is used to outsource holes made of wood, cement or metal. Nowadays, the normal drill is being improved to fulfill people’s request. The drill press can support outsourcing things that have round surface. There is a sharp countersink to drill a hole on materials.

Several people misunderstand that they can only make a round hole with the support of the drill press. However, there are a variety of countersinks for them to drill. Whether they want to drill small or big hole, the drill press will help them.

Types of drill

There are a lot of types of drill but there are two main types as follows:

  • Normal drill: this is the smallest type of drill. It is the lightest and we must use electric power to be able to use this device. We can hold it with one hand and the other hand is for holding the material that needs to be drilled.
  • Drill press: this is the more modern type of drill. It has a small table to put the material on. This is very convenient but it is only capable of drilling holes on small piece of material. If you want to drill a hole on a large piece of wood or metal, you should use the normal drill. Despite that, in every house, this drill press is also convenient because we do not use the drill for dedicated using purpose but just fix some small things.

We will give no advice for you on which type between the two types above on the grounds that you choose the drill subject to your requirements. However, we are sure that the normal drill is more popular in households than the latter type.

Using the drill press

When using the drill press, you should wear normal clothes. Remember to avoid your clothes rolling in the countersink while it is operating. You also need to wear gloves to prevent being tired (hands) and to protect your hands from debris. Another important thing is a pair of protective glasses to avoid dust and dirt coming into your eyes to harm your eyes.

The place you usually drill should be clean. After you use the drill press, you have to sweep away all the debris and the dust. The drill press should be stored in a fixed and secret place. The reason is that if your family has children, they will find out the drill and play with it, which is very dangerous to your kids.

To keep the countersink always sharp, it is necessary to take care of replacing the accessories of the drill and pay attention to the using instructions.

Here are some notes for you not to use the drill when:

  • The electric outlet goes wrong or the electricity leaks
  • The coal brush of the drill breaks down
  • You are using the drill and you detect something like burning smell
  • You cannot control the switches
  • The oil goes out
  • Some details of the drill are wrong
  • You cannot rotate the table of the drill press

Some notes for buying a drill

Before you decide to buy a drill, you have to determine your using purpose. If you often need to use the drill, you buy it. But you just use it once or twice, you can borrow the drill of your neighbor, for example.

Then, if you need a drill, the next step is to determine which type you will select. It is not too difficult as you can come to the shop on the internet and look for qualifications of this device. You should also ask some users for exact information about the type you want to buy.