If you have been followed how the fashion world, as well as the hairstyle world involves for the past few years, you would notice one of the most used and mentioned item of creating hairstyle not only for celebrities but also normal people is the hair clipper. With the help of the best hair clippers, there is no hairstyle that you can achieve. Furthermore, the clipper is not only used in the fashion world, but also used in many other jobs such as military as well as catering for example. This has been a concrete proof that how important the hair clipper is in our life.

That is why it comes as no surprise that you should go to the nearest store and buy yourself a hair clipper immediately. However, if you have owned one, are you sure that you have known everything about the ever popular hair clipper? In fact, there are a lot of interesting facts about the hair clipper that can help you in your quest of creating that perfect hairstyle that are not mentioned in any manual. You are in luck, however, because in this article we are going to list out all those facts for you. So stay tune because our list will be coming very shortly. If you like what you see, please hit the subscribe button to receive info on updates of our site.

So what are those interesting facts about hair clipper we have mentioned?

1. Hair clipper is not only used to cut human hair

The first fact we would want to bring to you is the truth about the target that the hair clipper is used on. Sometimes, instead of using it on human, the hair clipper can be used on animal as well. In some farms where they raise ship, the quickest way and sometimes the least painful way to get the fur of the sheep is to use the hair clipper. The farmer can take the fur away really quick and does not harm the sheep and make them feel pain in any ways whatsoever.

However, the hair clipper used here has some differences compared to the one used on human. These hair clippers which are used on sheep tend to be bigger and their blade is bigger as well so they can shave off as much fur as possible from the sheep. The smaller one which is used on human is used here as well but it is used to shave off the remaining fur on the sheep. Because the sheep has thick fur, the small one is not going to be able to shave them all off so the big one has to be used (although they can look quite scary in the sheep’s eyes I think).

Fading Technique

If you have been following hairstyle trend, then you would be no stranger to the fading style. Fading is not a new kind of technique anymore but that does not mean it is going to be easy to pull off. So how can you do those fading style that has been raging all over the fashion world and every single corner of the earth?  The main point of fading is that you need to shave the hair with carefulness. You just need to really slowly move the clippers after each drag you made through your hair. Furthermore, it is best that you use different clipper for these kinds of hair style as well to achieve the full effect.

As a result, the hair will look like it is fading away to lower you get and it is really cool, especially for a guy hair. As we have mentioned above, this is hard work and it is going to take you a lot of time and effort so you should only do this when you are ready and invested. Other than that, it is best that you go to the barber shop and ask them to do for you. Although you are going to have to pay a few bucks but it is still better than having to sit still all day and not achieving the hair that you want for you.


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