Due to the busy life, you have no much time for cooking, the invention of electric at first and then is the electric equipments have helped people a lot by saving time for other job. Some of the common electric in a modern home such as cooking equipments (rice cooker, oven, etc.), security device such as automatic gate opener, fire or thief alert which is really useful on keeping safe and providing a better life with convenient stuff. In this post, I want to discuss about some familiar and common electric equipment in a modern house, hope you enjoy it, thanks!

   In the kitchen

It is a far different from the modern kitchen and the kitchen in the past, appearance of electric stuff has completely changed the cooking methods and also the awareness of cooking time and the convenient as well. Below are the list of common electric equipment in the kitchen

  • Rice cooker: this is the essential equipment in any kitchen. It is easy to use by simple action, you just need to put rice and water in to the cooking pot, place into the cooker, press the cooking mode and done! Moreover, the rice cooker also can be used as the pressure cooker or the stew pot to save energy and time of cooking.
  • Microwave: It completely is a modern invention, it has provided a new method of cooking when people can quickly reheat the food in just few second and do not need to pour the food in a pot to cook. The main and biggest function of the microwave is unfreezing one. In the past, when you want to unfreeze anything, there are 2 ways to do, the first one is place the food at room temperature for at least 4 hours to unfreezing, the second way is cook it. The first way is take too long time, the second one is change the taste of food. The microwave can solve all of this problems since it can unfreeze the ingredient in short time but do not change the taste. What a wonderful!

  • Oven: The electric oven is a upgrade version of the tranditional oven to be used in the house without smoke or fire danger. With the modern electric oven, you can easyly adjust and control the temperature inside the oven, help you to get along with different kind of food. The modern design of the oven is combined with the micowave, help you to save the cooking space and money when buying the multi-function stuff.

    In the living room

This is the first place that guest enter your house, so the topic and what you place in the living room will be the first impressive of people about you. By the development of technology, the electric equipment in house is increased by time

  • Television: The invention of 19th century has become the essential equipment at any family quickly. This is the main entertainment equipment for many people for long time, that you always think at the first place when shopping for the living room equipment. By the time fly, the design of TV has changed a lot, from the thick and curve screen to the flat and thin TV, there are a technology breakthrough of innovation in entertainment industry. The super thin TV is the favorite product of many people, so there are many new functions of the TV have released, for example, TV nowaday can perform the functions as a computer, help you can play, watch and connect to the internet. And now, you can esily to make a home cinima at home with big screen and the excellent sound quality.

  • Smart lighting system: Instead of the old way to turn on or off the light, people nowaday can use the remote control to do this job. You can easily turn off the light when you are too tire to get up and do it. Higher technology in this tern people can know about is the controller using voice, you can order some actions such as turn on, off, adjust the bright level, etc. just by your voice.

Technology has completely changed our life from the basic to the hobbies, however, to protect our health, we need to limit the time using those equipment for outdoor activities.

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