Considerations when choosing a stroller for your baby

Between rich stroller market today, choosing a product for dear appropriate, safe and affordable is not easy. Therefore, it should be based on the needs of each family that choose a car with features suitable for the baby.

In forum shopping has some suggestions about a number of criteria when selecting best jogging stroller as follows:


The most important and most needed! Vehicles must be equipped with good suspension and tires must have soft rubber to create a feeling of softness, the wheel must have anti-skid brakes. Baby Strollers must always have parts and frame belt guards.

Mobility and Convenience

You can choose the car folded and removed easily. With ultralight trolleys, you can single-handedly carry the baby, a stroller folded hands press back and shoulder strap. When needed, simply press the button for trolley unwind. This feature is very useful when traveling.

The ability to push 2D and covering of roofs: Trolley for very young babies (under 1 year) should have pushed 2D features to secure when the baby always able to turn and see her parents . Sheds of trolley can cover prevents dust, sun, wind effect.

May change the tilt: Select trolleys have adjustable regime sitting, reclining and lying. For babies under 6 months should not get the car to sit there and leaning mode. Note the time for baby to sleep to set in mode.

How to use stroller properly

Here are a few of share to keep baby safe and shelf life of the stroller for longer. The children should not sit too long trolley very convenient for parents in caring for babies but for about three years early if the baby stroller sitting too much will affect the development and engineering her performance. Babies are many phenomena will lead to the first of head catfish, baby-sitting will affect the spine, so little time sitting stroller how is often enough.

According to experts, research materials in the first year of life babies should lie or sit stroller maximum of 2-3 hours per day for infants under 6 months of age and 4-5 hours per day for children over 6 months. Based on this time those parents with babysitting most appropriate time offline.

Always wear a seatbelt for children

When your children sit in a stroller, your parental note to buckle up your baby wherever you are safer for your baby. There are many active young parents if no baby buckled up can fall out when the car moves or can be ground if they tried to hand out or with something. Instead, you need to buckle up your baby anywhere, anytime.

Things to keep in mind when buying the stroller. Always latch the brake when stopped moving. Many parents choose strollers to do transport for the baby such as shopping, grocery shopping or buy something lack of family use, there are times when only buy something small and forgot to latch the baby sitting brakes on that car will most likely be gone if such ramps would be very dangerous for the baby. There are also self-hyperactive kid playing on the car makes automatic scroll wheel so always ensure key systems, lock the car has been installed safely stop moving and do not let him sit in the car in the where bumpy roads or ramps so will endanger lives and cause the baby to be afraid to sit on the trolley. 4. Do not hang heavy items on vehicles. For overweight child should not carry heavy items in your car or infant whose weight is too big to sit on the car light, duty vehicle so would cause warping or do car disfigured and unable to move.

Do not hang heavy items on hand to push by hand push the important parts mum adjustable ramp of the trolley go according to his will or can do the trolley was leaning backwards because the item hanging on the car too heavy hand.

Clean it regularly

Clean the toys children hang in the car or wrap, vehicle cushions should be cleaned regularly so that the car is reliable and keeps the aesthetics of the vehicle. She may be reflux or pee beam during use and this marks very moldy or smelly if not timely sanitation. Do not get the stroller under the sun or the rain gets too wet for the stroller is durable and safe to use a stroller