Guide To Buy The Best Vacuum Cleaner

In modern life, the vacuum cleaner has become close with the housework in the family. Vacuum cleaner market therefore also become more diverse and more exciting. To help you choose the right real shopping, we made the following note.

Vacuum cleaners can change the handle height easily sucked away in areas difficult to reach for, such as stairs, windows, curtains … but ensuring not too bulky or entangled when used.

And in this article, we will introduce to you some notes when choosing a shark vacuum. In addition, from that, hope you choose the best shark vacuum for your family.

Hydrophilic Functionality

Not only is the dirt sucked dry, a variety of vacuum cleaner has the ability to absorb water, clean the wound as spilled juice table, or on a computer keyboard. However, when taking a shark vacuum, you should pay attention to some features. And from that, you will take the best one.

Note Electric Power And Capacity Vacuuming

Clients often confuse the two indices is electrical power and power vacuum, so the choice will be easy to make mistakes when buying. The capacity of the power plant power consumption. So when shopping, you should choose the models with high capacity vacuum but low power capacity, minimal suction power is 400W.

For example, on the recorder’s power capacity 250W ~ 1000W and 59

0W suction capacity is about 90W, which means when the machine suction power is 90W, the electric power consumption of 250W will be, and vice versa.

Note Light Dust

Because of its use should be integrated inside the shark vacuum and it requires cleaning to prevent dust buildup, causing engine damage. Therefore, the type of vacuum cleaner with integrated dust prompts warning light in the engine has accumulated more, will be the optimal choice for users. Thanks to this feature, customers will know and promptly clean up the engine to avoid damage to the machine.

Considering Dust Bag

The majority of the current dust bags are usually made of paper, when filled can be removed and discarded, or fabric can be washed and reused, rather than high-end fabrics can absorb odors, antibacterial … some modern vacuum line often equipped with magnet dust bag, in order to block the kind of sucked in causing sharp torn pocket. This is a note for you to choose from, the magnet bag will minimize damage to the engine due to metal scrap.

Note The Volume Of Shark Vacuum

You should choose a machine with a moderate volume, typically from 3-4,5kg body, the machine weighs 5-6 kg maximum for easy moving. Also the noise level of the generator when the operation is also very important, normal noise levels are acceptable from 40dB-60dB is. So, when buying you should pay attention to weight and noise level of the machine to avoid taking the trouble or inconvenient to use. For the exact weight and noise level of the machine, you should see the index specified on the machine.

A Few Other Notes

The design models have buttons to adjust the length of the wire will help users convenient and comfortable to use. In addition, some are also equipped with devices such as the brush head has both vacuum suction to clean items such as electric fans, windows, furniture …

One other important note is that you should also pay attention to check stock rotation of vacuum tubes. Want to use convenient, the head tube is easy to rotate. For example, when standing, the normal suction nozzle tilt 45 degrees, try to suck parallel rolling ground where smoking is still smoking table presses down on the floor rather than standing up protection is given.

Brand And Origin

On the market now, there are many famous brands for this machine. And now we will introduce to you some brands for you choose.

Vacuum of luxury brands such as Hitachi, Electrolux, Panasonic, Samsung is imported from Korea, Japan, Europe or goods manufactured in a country like Malaysia 3rd, Indonesia, Thailand, … technology high standards of Japan or Europe, are good quality, durable. The midrange products as Ava, Saiko, Legi is assembled in China under its standards in Korea, USA, Japan …, focusing on design and functionality, suitable for many different needs