How to consider the features of laptop when you buy it

When using a loptap at home, you can do many tasks enclosing. For example, a loptap can bring you music, communicating with friends far away from you or buying products. Therefore, it has been very important for you to choose out  a product of laptop with high quality. At a time, you can absolutely save time. You do not have to turn many devices on to listen to music or chat with friend. In this writing, we will provicde you necessary information to find out the best laptop suitable for your demand. The quality of your laptop has been good or bad depends on the way you choose the product when you go to the shop.

1.Choosing the suitable size:

After deciding to buy latop, you need to determine the type of machine big or small for using. The laptop has usually been devided in the size of showing: the screen from 11-12 inch: has been the type of thin, light laptop, the screen of 11-12 inch has been 1-1,5kg in weight. However, in this size, the screen and key board will be too small and tight for many people.   
2. Checking the key board and touchpad
The parameter impressive not means that all parts of the laptop have been perfect. Therefore, you are required to check carefullly the level of precise and ability of sufrfrfing amongs the buttons of key bboard. In addition, you also should check if the  touchpad has been available to use well or not, when you are typing, there is any other interval or not. This strategy is applied when S can share with H some of his wants to intensify the interest of his contributions to the conversation, by making a good story.  The following example taken from the conversation between Oprah Winfrey and Bono shows the positive politeness as it pulls the H (Winfrey) right into the interest of S (Bono)

3. The determining in the finance:
In this day, you can buy the laptop with the price lower 500 $, but if you have much more money, you can get a better quality system, strong efficiency, and a greater screen.

It’s easy to realize that Bono- a rock star used positive politeness strategy more than twice to “seek agreement”. Seek agreement strategy allows S to stress his agreement with H and therefore to satisfy H’s desire to be ‘right’, or to be corroborated in his opinions. In Oprah Winfrey’s talk show script with Bono, the host tended to repeat a part of what the preceding the guest star has said to stress emotional agreement or interest with the utterance.

  1. Choosing the brand:
    The laop will be good only if the production company has been a pregtigious company. In addition, the service of supporting the exact technique, and timelyy has been foreost improtant. Last year, apple ranked first in this aspect, followed by Samsung and HP. However, supporting has been one of the part of laptop brand to deserve with the amount of money they paid. You also need to consider the ways that brand improve their desgnation, value and other standards through the neutral assessment. In the ranking borad of brands in 2015, apple has ranked firsr, Dell has been the runner up and third place has been HP. Therefore, the sales of three brands has been increased significantly recently. The production compnay has invented and renovated many kinds of product every year for meeting the demand of users.