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How to make delicious pork liver pate and potato pancakes at home

How to make live pate!

Liver Pate dish originated from France and was very much popular, maybe more women knew about this dish, and can be done, but today we will walk for sister Kids do not know, even if you know it, can look back, to see what’s new for us to exchange not offline. To meet the aspirations of so many readers, especially for women, we will introduce to you how to make delicious pork liver Pate other large store offline!

Pate dish is flexible, you can use it to eat the bread, or fried eggs, or you eat it alone, especially liver pate, tasted quite delicious, attractive, often eat pate reviews Taste trick helps users become more palatable, whether it is dry food, but when served with pate you do not feel thirsty. To do this course you should certainly prepare yourself some equipment and materials, as the best meat grinder, pans, pots and cutting boards for cooked … knives also indispensable.

  1. Raw materials pig liver Pate / pig:
  • 150g ground pork (check out the lean shoulder)
  • 150g pork liver (pig)
  • 1 small pieces of pork skin, fat little meat
  •  Bread, fresh milk without sugar 200ml
  • Shallots, garlic, pepper, cooking oil, seasoning powder, butter, sugar
  1. Guidelines do pork liver pate
  • Step 1:

Wash pork liver, cut into small pieces

120ml fresh milk to soak for pig liver (deodorant fishy liver) in 20 minutes sliced ​​pork skin

Making bread crumbs ½, soaked with 80 ml of milk

Onion, chopped garlic cleaning

Process materials as pig liver Pate

Process materials as pig liver Pate

  • Step 2:

Liver salvaged washed thoroughly with water, then drain

Add onion, garlic into the non-aromatic, then for meat, pork skin, fat and liver in, add sugar, salt, MSG fry them.

Nearly ripe for milk soaked bread crumbs fried general (step 1), then the pepper on and turn off the stove.

  • Step 3:

Use a meat drunk, the composition of step 2 into a blender puree

Then for a different bowl, spread butter on top bearing little aqua wings steamed for 40 minutes

Get off to a cool, pate will curdle, and so we can take pieces of pate easily when upturned bowl. Can be served with bread to eat, or put it in the refrigerator until use.

You can apply this pork liver pate how to apply for pork pate, pate cows (note: you should grind the meat before making pate) … The kind pate quite the same, making the dish Your family became rich, and diversified. Change dish each day is also a way for you to make the productivity of your children and your husband rise. Pate dish was soft, so very good for the intestines, teeth, and set our digestion.

We’ve shown you how to make simple pork liver pate and tasty. Also we can make liver pate from other kinds, chicken liver,… Also we will offer more and more different dishes, from many regions, many countries contributing to the rich more knowledge of your household.

How to make potato pancakes

Potatoes are the food was much loved women choose to process family the delicious cuisine and attractive. From food combined with some other ingredients you can process lots of different dishes from soups, stir-fries, curries to cakes were brought to enjoy the true feelings characteristics know. To enrich the dish is made from potatoes, here are instructions for how to make potato pancakes simple but tasty offline.

  • Raw potato cake

Potatoes: 500g, select the type of potato tubers to (Should more entries by selecting the potatoes before you go to buy to get the food, the freshest).

Flour: 250g.

Eggs: 2 eggs.

Fresh milk without sugar: 100ml.

Scallions, cilantro: 50g.

Spices: Seeds seasoning, salt, pepper, oil, mayonnaise, chili sauce.

  • Process materials

Potatoes: Peel the bark clean, washed, cut yarn or fiber tissue and dipped into a bowl of cold water with 1 tablespoon salt mix for potatoes not blackened.

Eggs: Break out, defeating, you use both the whites and yolks of eggs offline.

Scallions, cilantro: Clean, smooth move.

Implementation of baking potatoes

Potato scoop water out of the bowl and the other on a larger bowl for mixing pastry.

Then you give 100ml of fresh milk, flour, eggs and 150ml water defeated, defeated them, you can extend the reduction of water depending on the viscous mixture of offline.

Season with ¼ tablespoon salt, ½ tablespoon seasoning seeds, pepper and ¼ tablespoon whole scallions, cilantro and stir in finely Status hand.

Use non-stick pan for frying bread you then, to eat a sufficient amount of oil evenly throughout the pan surface, the old heating oil, low heat and scoop you a sufficient amount of powder coated pan over face so thick slice about 0.3 to 0.5 cm.

Fried yellow cake are two sides, disc wheels, mayonnaise and chili sauce into the road running circles on the cake, cut the cake into 4 or 8 equal parts depending on the size of the cake is that you can enjoy the scent delicious taste of potato pancakes and know.

Potato cakes are beautiful yellow color, the taste;

When you eat you will feel the taste characteristics of the potatoes, the fat of milk and mayonnaise, egg flavor, aroma of green onions, cilantro, spicy pepper and very mild chili sauce, all air intertwined very attractive;

This cake you can eat them hot or let cool very tasty offline.

With food from potatoes, you can process a variety of dishes such as;

Above is a simple cake that delicious potato that you can manually processed to both enjoy, surely this would be a very interesting dish, delicious, attractive and safe for Your entire family especially the children love it. You can also use this potato pie for dessert menu for the small party of family is also very fit. Wish you successful processing and enjoy your meal.