Prevent Accident When Children Playing With Guns

Americans still seemed dazed after the accident caused her death by Veronica Rutledge accidentally shot by the son of his 2-year-old supermarket Walmart. Americans wonder how to prevent such tragedies in the future?

Veronica, 29, is a person with a bachelor’s degree and was working at the National Institute of Battelle Idaho, a leading research center for nuclear energy. Rutledge known she was a lover of outdoor activities including camping and shooting. With her understanding, she fully knew the danger in letting young children against guns. Everyone should buy a best gun safe on the market to ensure safety on your house.

So why this tragedy has happened? Maybe some trigger safety lock to avoid sudden snatch of handguns has unintentionally been opened by the naughty kids.

Since the fabrication and detailed models of pistols not been announced officially, it has been speculated that the cause was due to differences in the safety factor between the firearms made all mothers objective and impartial to their children against guns.

Therefore, unintentional shootings occurred in society can be prevented to a minimum if we note the following characteristics of the gun:


If the semi-automatic gun, loaded or equipment must be loaded chamber before being inserted in the gun. Most can not shoot firearms if only stops at this step because gradually above the slot of the gun must be pulled up ammunition for firing first. These are actions that the child is not easy to do and if it accidentally do, it will take time and that time their parents enough to intervene.

Revolver without ammunition should manipulate up a gun was loaded when it can shoot right.


Need a certain force to pull the trigger, this force called “pull the trigger”. The magnitude of the force varies depending on the type of gun, usually 4 pounds or more. Several types of handguns has designed the trigger pull of about 13 pounds in the first time pulling the trigger, the next time the force will pull slightly more, about 5 pounds.

Some firearms have trigger type form, this type of work to reduce the force pulling the trigger. This type of gun used in the shooting contest, lightweight traction, 3 pounds or less. This type is not recommended to use for self-defense because it is very dangerous due to easy robbed gun trigger.

It should be noted that it is difficult for a child can pull the trigger with a force of 13 pounds, but it’s completely done with 3 pounds of force.

Safety latch

Pistols are manufactured with different types of safety latch. Several handguns have no safety latch structure, but can be prepared by adding professional mechanic gun.

The mission of all kinds of safety latch is to prevent the trigger unexpected robbery case.

Most people are unfamiliar with the safety pin by hand as buckles, buttons or levers. Users must switch this latch to secure the position. A different type of functional safety is another widely used rifle butts key. This is a lever at the rear of the pistol and must be lowered before use. Except where the small pistol, from children too young to be able to jerk the trigger and the safety lever down in the butt at the same time.

Keep Guns Safely At Home

Stay indoors, it is best to not allow children access to guns. Use cabinet would avoid the young guns against guns and avoid theft at home use.

Because the gun cabinet is priced quite expensive, people can use a trigger lock with a much lower cost. A secret key or lock usually only cost about $ 20. Since a few lock the trigger is not recommended for all types of weapons, should contact experts entrusted gun before the safety of your family for a trigger lock.

So buying a gun safe in your house is necessary. It helps you avoid some accidents from danger for your children when they do not know and bring it a toy.

In summary, you should choose a design guns as follows: there must be action on gun bullets before firing, the trigger pull force of 13 pounds or more large, with safety latch. When at home, store the gun in the cabinet or lock the trigger.