Some tips to use welding helmet properly and effectively


Welding is an important job in daily life but it is also very dangerous. In working process, welder will have to face with many dangers from flash burn, sparks, infrared light and heat. Formerly, in order to minimize danger in welding process, welder will have to wear a mask today, with the evolution of technology; welding helmet has been manufactured to provide a better protection for welder. Therefore, owning the best welding helmet should be the leading concern of any welder to protect themselves in working process. Below are some tips to help welders use this device properly and effectively for their job.

1. Benefit of welding helmet

Just like other heavy industries, welding is a dangerous job. Danger of this job is very clear – welder can be burns caused by sparks or high heat of arc, the disease about skin, eye caused by contacting with infrared light and ultraviolet ray regularly and continuously. Therefore, safety always has to be the leading concern of welder before working. Welding helmet has been manufactured to provide a better protection for welder – this device is designed to cover whole face of welder when using therefore it is very helpful to help welder protect face, neck and eye of welder.

Normally, welding helmet will be used with arc welding such as metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding. This device is one of the most effective ways to prevent arc eye for welder (arc eye is a disease about eye caused by contacting with light of arc when welding – this disease is very dangerous and it usually cause pain for eye of patient). In addition, welding helmet is also very helpful to prevent harm of ultraviolet ray, infrared light – two main reasons causing retina burn for welder.

2. Some notes when choosing welding helmet

If you want to use welding helmet properly and effectively for your job then firstly you will have to choose a welding helmet suitably with you. There are many types of brand on the market and quality of each type is very difference before you should be very careful when choosing this device. Normally, in order to choose a suitable welding helmet, you should choose based on requirement of your job. If your job requires you have to use this device regularly then an auto darkening welding helmet will be suitable choice in this case. This device is very convenient if your job require welding regularly.

It can automatically adjust darkness of welding helmet therefore you will not remove this device when you want to look to outside. However, if your job do not require you have to use this device regularly then fixed shape welding helmet will be better choice – although this device is not convenient as auto darkening welding helmet however price of it is cheaper and difference is not too large in this case.

3. Some tips to use and preserver welding helmet

Maximum time to use for each welding helmet is different depending on each producer however in order to ensure safety for yourself, you should not use too long. Lifespan of welding helmet can be decreased caused by many different factors such as daily impacts (even though your welding helmet just bears small impact however it will also effect to lifespan of this device), the degradation of material over time or impact of other similar things.

You also need to check carefully before using welding helmet. If you detect any cuts, cracks or abnormal phenomenon with this device then you need to repair or replace broken details by new details before using. Always keep your welding helmet clean especially if you want to clean it then you should just wipe it by warm water then drying and checking regularly status of device. Always ensure that welding helmet has covered whole face of you before welding. Choosing a welding helmet with suitable size with your head – do not ever use a welding helmet which is too small or too large with your head. In addition, you also should not share welding helmet with other people. Each welder need to be equipped a welding helmet as well as detailed guide about how to use and preserve.