Some Ways To Select An Air Compressor

To choose an air compressor is not easy. So if you are demand to buy one for your work, you can read this article and then you will know more about this product.

Or if you are meet difficulties in comparison many product, read air compressor reviews you will know which product is the best in the market now.

To be able to choose to buy an air compressor in accordance with needs, you should follow these six steps:

1. Select the power

You need to know the full extent of the use of gas appliances and gas flow their use (l / min or m3 / h). The total flow of the gas compressor is the total flow of all the instruments plus 25%

= LL LL Compressors (Tools 1 + 2 + …. + Instruments Instruments n) x 1:25

2. Select Power

If you have a separate room for the machine, you can choose a machine with a large noise level. If using the machine with the device and close workers, should choose a machine with a good sound insulation.

3. Selection of accessories for compressors

If there are requirements on environmental protection, should use clean, dry air, you need some accessories such as filters and air dryers. If you need high quality specialty gases such as in the food industry or medicine, you should select the type of machine without oil (Oil-Free Air Compressor).

4. The quality of the machine

Should buy a high quality machine, you will save the cost of owning the machine (power consumption, maintenance costs, spare parts …), reduced downtime and damage caused by downtime.

5. Choose the smart cameras of renowned brands

Should choose the models have an intelligent design, ease of operation, maintenance, maintenance. Also need to consider the possibility of providing the service and genuine spare parts suppliers.

Air compressor is a mechanical device that acts as the increased pressure of the gases. Compressors are considered an important link in the industrial system using high-pressure air to operate the machine, the machine has many uses, such as textile industry, timber, packaging, food most are used to this type of machine.

Compressors are classified into several categories, depending on what criterion is based but have different classifications. Investment Co., Ltd. Dawn point device names some common pneumatic machines today:

6. Piston Compressors

When the air compressor systems are placed in the appropriate place, ensuring some technical requirements and regular maintenance, the use of computer time will be longer and you do not have to repair the damage errands, or tolerate excessive noise of the machine …

The air compressor has many advantages in many fields. So everyone should equip this instrument to work effectively.

7. In the field of control

Since the middle of the 20th century, advent of air compressors have helped promote automation engineering leapfrog development, and manufacturing industries has also created a big jump during this period to the present day. Compressors are used in control systems of devices such as spray paint, clamps, plastic or electronic components and equipment. The use of compressors in this environment is good and safe. In addition the control system by the air compressor is also used extensively in the transmission equipment, freight of the boiler equipment, automated production line packaging, chemicals.

When buying old machines the most important thing you should note is that the quality of the machine, you do not need so much attention to the form of the machine that should care about the operation, the components inside the machine in good. If an old machine as a new coat of paint but inside the components was broken, the usefulness of the machine is no longer regarded as you have failed to choose the machine.

Choose a compressor was like, before carrying on before you check payments: a good air compressor must meet the following standards: the machine runs smoothly after the launch, no cry large, relay switching system still works fine, healthy treadmill.

Despite being courted by old machines but should also pay attention to the warranty period, this is a matter of few customers noticed due to secondhand think no warranty. Many machines are only used for a short time still remaining warranty period so you can refer to the time of its warranty period, to get the care and timely maintenance.