The Computer configuration for your house

This will be the most important part in choosing to buy a suitable laptop for the demand of each person. The parameter such as CPU, hardware , RAM , card graphics can make buyers misunderstand about the lapop. Therefore, all you need to do is to determine the purpose of using th laptop. The de eper specialized purposes such playing game 3D video HD will require more expensive and editing the computer configuration In this writing we will provide you the main parts in the laptop configuration.


Most of laptop on the marker have been applied the chip AMD E Series or Intel CPU Pentium, which has been the item treating the parts from small to big tasks such surfing web. The micro treating set of Intel Atom will result in the lowest efficiency, but the long life expectancy.
The tablet / laptop has usually  applied the treating chip Core M of Intel , which has been faster than the Atom, but slower than the Core Series of this company ( Core i3 , i5 and i7 ) . If you intend to buy a laptop with the chip of I line even the  i3 , i5 or i7, should are highly recommended to buy the newest generation known as Intel 5th Generation ( aka Broadwell, Illinois ) which has been brought out in the beginning of the year.
If you decide to to pay more than 500, you at least should buy the laptop đô laptop Core i5 because it has been able to increase the treating speed much for laptop. Users who need the high computer configuration and game players should choose the system of Core i7.

2. RAM:

When we talk about the memory, or RAM, even the laptop cheapest has the 4GB RAM, so the adivce is that you should not buy the laptop coq with lower ram. If you can buy a system with six or eight GB, you will prepare more for the advanced application and the ability of running multitask of the laptop. The gamplayers and users with the high configuration should find the sixteen GB RAM/.

3. Hard ware:

For most of users, a fast driver has been more important than the capacity-high driver. If you have a choice, you should choose the hard driver 7,200-rpm insteading of the 5.400-rpm. Even you have a number of films and games on your hard ware, a hard ware 320GB will be enough, but the capacity with 500GB or 750GB in a driver usually not occupy much more area.

4. Flash Cache:

Any kind of laptop Ultrabook and other kinds enclosing with 8, 16 or 32GB Flash for storing, you can use it to increase the efficiency. While it is not as fast as a SSD driver, a memory cache flash will help to save time in downloading and starting the computer; moreover, it allows you to store all data in a hard ware with high amount of capacity.

5. Hard ware SSD:

These driver can be more valuable than the traditional hard ware and enclosing with a little of efficiency (usually has been 128 to 256 GB), but it can improve the efffectiveness significantly. You can enjoy time of starting faster, the time resume faster, and time for running the application longer. In addition, because the driver SSD does not have the movement part like the physical hard driver, the failure has been the unusual  phenomenon. Difference from an informal conversation, the hearer in the talk show is not only the guests but also the audience. Therefore, Oprah communicated with the audience cleverly to involve them into the talk. At the same time, she applied “offer, promise” strategy by saying
First of all, positive politeness is defined as “redress directed to the addressee’s positive face, his perennial desire that his wants (or the actions/acquisitions/values resulting from them) should be thought of as desirable” (Brown & Levinson 1987, 101). Positive politeness strategies include somewhat exaggerated elements or ‘element of insincerity’, and that separates a positive politeness strategy from ordinary daily conversation. Some of the typical examples of positive politeness strategies are notice to H, promise, be optimistic, seek agreement and avoid disagreement and so on


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