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The instruction for choosing the operation system for laptop

The instruction for choosing to buy the best laptop in detial from a to z, buy the old laptop and newlaptop in accordance with the demand of using the computer configuration. Thinness, lightness and easy to treat the task of the laptop have been nearly the same as the features of the CPU. This has been known as a supportive tool for you no matter where the task will be implemented. While mobile phone as well as tablet has been increasing becoming popular, for many people, typing text, watching  video or playing game by laptop still give them good experience. Therefore, what kind of laptop you should choose for your demand? Nowadays, there have been various types of laptop about model, size, function and price. Therefore, before you  decide to buy a laptop, you should determine the functions of laptop. In this writing, we will give you several criterias for choosing a laptop. There have been 3 types of operating system becoming the most popular types

  1. ChromeOS.

We usually see them on the cheap lines of laptop, light weight, such as lapop 11,6 inch. ChromeOs of google has been the lightest operating system, but it also has been considered as a safe type of  Google. The user interface has been relatively similar to Windows with a number of applications, a main screen and ability of running many windows at a time. Those windows have been the link to lead to the browser Chrome and most of the applications have been the tools for website pages.
Because this operating system has meainly been a browser, so ChromeOS will be hard to encode toxic and attacked by viruses. The disadvantage of operating system has been the offline applications, which sometimes work not stably. However, if you need an equipment for main purpose of surfing web, watching video, checking email and signing in the social network or chatting in direct, so Chromebook has been the suitable choice with cheap price, easy to bring along and long lasting time of using.
2. Windows 8.1:

Laptop using Windows has occupied mostly on the market nowadays because the price has been relatively cheap comparing with the  OS X of Macbook( pricing over 400 $) and work more stably than the Chrome OS as well as providing many models for users. Unlike Apple, Microsoft  and counterparts have allowed users to buy the laptop with the screen of touching and the designation changeable from laptop into tablet.

If you are using the operating systems Windows but not trying the Windows 8.1, you will not be avoidable to feel strange with this type  of operating system. Windows 8.1 has been replaced by the menu Start with a basic Start  screen showing a series of application able to be touched. However, this type of operating system still has the mode of destop to run all present applications you are working with and you can start directly in it. Actually, using this type of operating system has not been so difficult, with a number of plus services and the establishment of adjustment, you can have a menu start and make the interface nearly similar to the familiar windows 7

3. Apple OS X
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