What Is CPAP Machine And How To Use And Preserve It?

Ventilator is a device most important, indispensable in resuscitation department. Life support ventilator patients of ventilation and oxygenation by providing all kinds of mechanical breathing.

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High reliability.

Wide range of uses for the many objects meets.

Relatively easy to use for clinicians.


Breathing mandatory (Mandatory breath).

Ventilator supply and implement the entire ventilation cycle.

It is not involved in the process of aeration

Breathing support (assisted breath).


Ventilator decides the remaining parameters.

Natural breathing rate (spontaneous breath).

The patients begin and end breathing.

Ventilator only minimal control (monitoring and assistance).

Associate mechanical ventilation methods.

Mechanical ventilation convention that is done in a variety of modes that is different depends on status of patients, according to the ability of the ventilator and experience of the physician. There are many modes on this machine was known, especially over the last ten years, due to the boom in respiratory path physiology, electronic engineering and processors due to new demands for treatment, good machine with variety of modes was born.

Previously it was conceived mode is the way to start a cycle (starting aspiratory) and divided into two main modes: ventilation control (Controlled Ventilation) and ventilator support (Supported Ventilation) .

Currently mode is considered as the way to make a cycle include:

Provide mechanical breathing with variable characteristics:

+ Variable control (pressure, volume, flow and time),

+ Variable period (start, maintain and end breath),

+ Variable conditions (waveform, the baseline pressure, and rhythm)

Subscribe factors that are pulmonary mechanics and machine for patients.

Warning indicates dangerous drug by: Programmer is available to manufacturers and the decision of the physician.


Patient is mandatory mode to breathing machines, though still spontaneously breathing patients or has apnea; the ventilator is triggered by a timer clock and controls all the variables: the pressure or volume or speed airflow. Ventilator decisions all the time starts (time trigger), end aspiratory (cycle time), ventilation frequency (frequency), the air flow waveform (flow waveforms) Breathing in, breathing in the percentage of time and expiratory time (I / E)…

Mode on machine imposed controls all the patients, thus reducing the work of breathing (Work of Breathing) but the patient is still breathing naturally or emerging natural breathing is very prone against the machine.


As previously, mode is most commonly used when patients stop breathing, or respiratory failure  due to pump failure (Central, neuromuscular, skeletal chest wall …). Patients were ventilated with volume flow (also known as the volume of air once breathed – Tidal Volume) preset constant. This mode has the basic drawback:

Risk increases airway pressure being obstruction (increased airway resistance – Resistance), or reduce the expansion of the lungs (Compliance).

Lost part of traffic volume in snorkel and exhaust leaks. Pressure control ventilation – Pressure Controlled Ventilation.

Patients were machine with a constant pressure push on, make a reservation. Currently the group is usually indicated for patients with SHHC lung tissue damage due to non-response to PEEP and risk of pneumothorax complications high (often associated with breathing in reverse proportion / exhale – IRV: Inverse ratio Ventilation). This mode has drawbacks:

The vulnerable to the airway obstruction when (R increases) and reduce the expansion of the lungs (C reduction), often need to use tranquilizers, muscle relaxants when applied IRV.


– Wash buffer mask with a mild cleanser every day

– Wash the rest of the mask at least every 2 days

– Wash the catheter every 2 weeks

– Check the filter every 2 weeks

– The first mounting straps should be replaced if they begin to feel stretched

– Cushion masks started to be replaced when wear and damage.


Ventilator is also becoming more popular so you can come to the health facilities or companies specializing in the import and distribution of medical products and devices especially should note the following points before you decide season:

Check the external appearance. Check origin, related documents. Investigate price before buying this kind of machine.