How to choose the belt sander

Convenient and fast is what we can say about the belt sander. From the belt sander Reviews we see: It has the function of polishing the rough wood surface with large quantities and faster. You can use it to paint the old things by grinding off the old paint and you’ll have a smooth wood surface, smooth, completely new for the new paint. The wood used as tools to help work becomes light and faster than normal. Productivity is improved. Currently on the market there are a lot of belt sander, each with a size and productivity, speed work differently. Therefore, when buying a belt sander you should scrutinize to purchase matching his job.

  1. The size of the belt sander

Depending on the size of the product you produce and need sanding, you should consider your products do usually have size how to choose for themselves the appropriate belt sander. Air sander belt size 21 belt 3 in the computer’s small size limited use, used in tight working spaces.

The machines have size 24 in length, and 4 in width, they usually weigh 16 pounds and higher power small machines. If you use the job as the larger pieces of wood parquet, you should use this machine, it will do the job becomes more quickly.

The larger machines often have functional wood dust collector inside. Ensuring that the work environment more healthy and not harmful to the health of the carpenter. they just need to clean it regularly after each workday, and pour out the dust bag timber to function more effectively collect dust.

  1. The speed of the machine sander

Speed ​​tubers affect power sander of work, but safer and easier to use when you can adjust the speed of the machine, so when buying this machine you should check the system to adjust speed ensure your job. Faster speed, the work done at the same time as the house but you also control machines more difficult.

  1. Expenses you can ready money for the machine

There are many factors affecting the price of the belt sander, depending on the size and capacity as well as the properties of the machine that prices will range from $ 70 – $ 120. The quality of the belt as well as the more costs, it ensures the longevity of the belt and the performance of its work.

  1. Other factors to consider when using the belt sander

You need to adjust the machine regularly, especially those machines use high speed belt. During long work it will lead to skewed out, running, affecting work, and can make the belt broke, and broken. Cleaning the dust used to not leave too much on the machine, affecting every machine operation.

Factory warranty factors are also important. You should look into this matter. A good sander machine will come with good service, and guarantee a safe, long-term warranty equivalent machine features, and quality is guaranteed. And after-sales service is very important, please choose a support person with the best service possible, and refer Reviews

  1. The type of sander

Sander machine with many different types:

Belt sander: the machines are usually small in size, compact, used for small surfaces, and the wooden bar with comfortable hand-held size, it differs flexible, because you can also put small it follows if in cases of necessity. Belt sander machine with a blade iron and grinding and cutting the wood with excessive roughness of wood face, and big shaggy. It is also very convenient. Especially it is very convenient for you to wear the angled lines of the wood.

Type belt sander also forms large machines for industrial workshops, this machine has a very large size, placed in the workshop and used for large wooden blocks.

Hand Sander: the type sander with grinding surface, and do not produce wood dust. It is small to capable polished surfaces on a flexible timber. Belt sander is convenient for handheld sander sharpening edges in turn help you color the big plane. You can also see that each type of machine has different advantages and disadvantages dentist, so you can buy them for 2 the machines to facilitate for their wood. And cater to the variety of work.

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